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  • birdandhand copy

    Clare Celeste Börsch

    Claire Celeste Börsch creates collages that are cosmic experience unto themselves. Her works are impressions of the infinite combinations of possibilities that exist within the world as well as our ...

    On 20 February 2015 / By
  • Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 8.29.36 PM

    Nathalie Quagliotto: Artist Spotlight

    Nathalie Quagliotto has been making extensive rounds in the Canadian art scene, exhibiting across the country at a ferocious rate since 2009. Her large-scale sculptures and artist multiples ...

    On 20 February 2015 / By
  • 14577-597733-Samo_jontodd

    Jon Todd: February Artist

    Jon Todd‘s layered portraits take us into a world where the culture of tattooed sailors and triumphant luchadores has reached its pinnacle. Dense layers, subtle patterns, and bright ...

    On 15 January 2015 / By
  • livre-lucille

    Lucille Michieli: January artist

    Lucille Michieli helps us turn a new leaf as we enter into 2015, year of the sheep. The coming year is all about peace, tranquility, and harmonious co-existence, ...

    On 18 December 2014 / By
  • NY1416

    Jennifer Sanchez: December Artist

    Jennifer Sanchez‘s infectious paintings are so bright and layered that you can’t help but feel a little burst of energy while looking at them. She painstakingly builds layer upon ...

    On 3 November 2014 / By
  • sophie-lecuyer-78

    Sophie Lécuyer: November Artist

    Sophie Lécuyer is the invisible hand, conjuring all things. Wide ranging in her many styles and disciplines, she nimbly darts between them with apparent grace and mastery. Her images, ...

    On 6 October 2014 / By

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Jesse Huisken: Writer Interview

Jesse Huisken comes from a family of booksellers, cartoonists, poets and doll makers, and his ability to weave a narrative transgresses the boundaries of medium. Working in text, ...

On 21 February 2015 / By