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  • sarah-bodri-sara-toronto-photographer-photography-island-reflet-gibraltar-mirror-sbophoto-photo-portrait-diy-home-decorating-cheap-affordable-prints-canadian-art-canada

    Sarah Bodri: September Artist

    “Can the mirror, as a fetishized object so ubiquitously conflated with vanity, be repurposed as a tool of empowerment?” Summer is coming to an end, but we aren’t ...

    On 13 August 2015 / By
  • chad-kouri-papirmass-issue-67-july-art-advice-literature-subscription-box-mail

    Chad Kouri: July Writer

    Whether offering insight and advice collected over the years, or quietly transcribing the beautiful, deep, and hilariously inane comments at major art openings, Chad has a knack for pulling out exactly ...

    On 19 June 2015 / By
  • CK_Bloom_white_1024x1024

    Chad Kouri: July Artist

    Chad Kouri is a Chicago-based artist whose driving ethos of “relentless optimism [as] the only true rule” can be seen throughout his work. Effortlessly working across media, Chad’s distinctive ...

    On 9 June 2015 / By
  • kirsten-mcrea-june-papirmass-issue-66-mural-art-subscription-literature

    Kirsten McCrea: June Artist

    Kirsten McCrea is a Toronto-based artist obsessed with pattern, bright colours, and accessible experiences. Her work features pop culture icons and cultural phenomena, and displays an adornment that ...

    On 19 May 2015 / By
  • Juan-Chavarria-Jr_Artemis_Mammoth-and-Co-NEW

    Juan Chavarria Jr: May Artist

    Juan Chavarria Jr. will take you on a journey into the mythical and the transient. Chavarria’s works are dark, introspective and minimalist in their focus, playing with delicate ...

    On 2 April 2015 / By
  • papirmass-spotlight-series-darren-o'donnell-mammalian-diving-reflex

    Darren O’Donnell: Artist Spotlight

    Darren O’Donnell has that rare spark that is so special because it is encountered so infrequently. His works are at once touching and hilarious, blending audience participation, storytelling, and ...

    On 24 March 2015 / By

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Your Dream Vacation with Andy McGuire

Issue 69 is our September issue, but we’re not done with summer yet! Accompanying the beachside photography of Toronto artist Sarah Bodri are the humorous poems of Andy McGuire. Andy’s poetry ...

On 17 August 2015 / By